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Alto Palancia Olive Oil Cooperative


The Alto Palancia Olive Oil Cooperative (Cooperativa Oleícola del Alto Palancia) is in Altura, a town in the province of Castellon. The cooperative presses produce extra virgin olive oil from the olive trees in the natural parks of the Sierra de Espadán and Sierra Calderona: special places where olives have been cultivated since antiquity, with written records of olive production that go back to the 15th century.

People continue to work and farm there. The Mediterranean climate, the terrain with its high slopes and terraces, all combined with the shallow soils make it possible to obtain local cultivars such as the serrana olive of Espadan, with its unique features that do so much to make a high-quality oil with an identity all of its own.

It's only natural then that a cooperative that has inherited all the craft traditions of olive oil making would organise guided visits to the olive mill with oil tasting sessions. A real experience for any visitor who wants to know more about the world of oil tourism and enjoy an exciting day sampling the very best in olive oils.

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Cooperativa Oleícola Alto Palancia

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