The aim of FOLLOWEXP is to enable visitors and local people to enjoy the attractions offered by the Region of Valencia in general, and Cullera in particular. We offer different experiences that intermingle culture, gastronomy and nature, and enable people to discover authentic sensations with a regional touch.

You'll fall in love with our way of life and world, because our products are made with love and care. Alongside the cultural activities that we've offered for some time now, such as tourist routes and experiences linked to the Fallas, we also offer many others whose main value is the natural environment of Cullera. We have a range of hiking trails with attractions for everyone.

The more adventurous visitor can enter a cave and explore it, and families can discover Mediterranean flowers and plant a local species, or enjoy a nocturnal hiking trail where the stars really are the stars. You can combine mountain activities with trips by boat on the river Júcar and discover some beautiful places along the way.

Nature lovers will find that Cullera is a city blessed with all that nature can offer. We have a large bay with fine sands, rocky cliffs, the outlet of the river Júcar, the Estany estuary, a magnificent mountain with caves and fantastic routes, and a lagoon with observatories for bird-watching.

Cullera is also the cathedral of rice and the view from the mountain of the huge rice paddies is a priceless experience. The best thing of all is that the view changes according to the rice growing season.

You can discover all this when you come to visit us. Let us guide you through the most iconic corners of Cullera and fill your experience with wonders.

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