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Horta of Valencia routes

In an ever more globalised world, the experience of travelling requires unique places that justify the need to leave where we are and go to somewhere unknown. The city of Valencia has a number of such places that make it very special, such as the jardín del Turia, a huge park located in the bed of the river Turia, a large historical city centre and the City of Arts and Sciences.

Oliveres mil.lenàries del Maestrat

With Itinerantur we have learnt to interpret the landscape, to see it through the eyes of a local person. Canet lo Roig is the municipality with the most ancient olive trees in the Region of Valencia, there are a lot more of them than people!

Manzana Esperiega

Every province, region, town and village of the Region of Valencia exudes the very essence of the Mediterranean, and can be felt and experienced in all five senses.


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