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Agrotourism in Region of Valencia is a portal owned by Turisme Comunitat Valenciana and devoted entirely to promoting Agrotourism, Oil Tourism and Fishing Tourism. In the various sections users will find all the information they need on the companies and activities relating to agrotourism in the Region of Valencia: links to the websites of places to visit, companies connected with each product such as accommodation, restaurants, activity companies, events, receiving agencies and experiences to enjoy.


Rice paddies, orange groves filling the air with the scent of orange blossom, organic vegetable plots, artisan products, all of these are just a few of the things that make authentic traditional Valencian culture so distinctive and unique. The Region of Valencia offers the chance to have a first-hand experience of the essence of its interior, where visitors can enjoy seeing and getting to know the region's folklore, take part in farming experiences harvesting food to cook and eat, unlock the secrets of making honey and becoming a bee-keeper for a day.   

Visitors will be able to discover the attractions of this region with its constantly changing rural landscapes across the territory. They can stay in accommodations with their own special charm and taste unique locally-grown produce that makes local cuisine an unforgettable experience with the most authentic food that Mediterranean nature can offer.


Feel part of the rural environment you visit, taste the products and explore the history and tradition of the Region of Valencia through Oil Tourism. The Valencian region has a huge olive growing heritage with its own native varieties, six of which are among the main varieties grown in Spain, making our olive oils unique.

Ancient olive groves to explore or harvest when the season is right, cooperatives that allow you to help them with their work after visiting the fields, olive oil presses where you can take the harvested olives to be made into oil and get involved, olive oil museums to visit and the chance to savour the essence of this region at olive oil tastings. All this will make visiting the Region of Valencia a unique experience that you'll definitely want to repeat.


Being a coastline region means that visitors to the Region of Valencia can get involved in fishing aboard a boat led by its skipper and a tourist guide on an experience that showcases local seafaring culture, seafood products, customs and coastal heritage as well as highlighting the work of the local fishing community.

Destinations like Dénia, Castellón and Peñíscola have wholeheartedly embraced the adventure of showing the day-to-day lives of members of the fishing community to visitors seeking unique experiences guided by local people. Guided tours of harbour facilities, fish markets and the chance to buy what they fish, as well as cooking and eating freshly caught fish provide a complete visitor experience at any of these destinations.



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Horta of Valencia routes

The Horta of Valencia: a landscape to enjoy and discover

In an ever more globalised world, the experience of travelling requires unique places that justify the need to leave where we are and go to somewhere unknown. The city of Valencia has a number of such places that make it very special, such as the jardín del Turia, a huge park located in the bed of the river Turia, a large historical city centre and the City of Arts and Sciences.

Oliveres mil.lenàries del Maestrat


With Itinerantur we have learnt to interpret the landscape, to see it through the eyes of a local person. Canet lo Roig is the municipality with the most ancient olive trees in the Region of Valencia, there are a lot more of them than people!

Manzana Esperiega

7th Festival of the Esperiega Apple

Every province, region, town and village of the Region of Valencia exudes the very essence of the Mediterranean, and can be felt and experienced in all five senses.