Restaurante Cardenal Ram


Discover the authentic local gastronomy of Morella at the Cardenal Ram restaurant and sample the traditional products of northern Castellon. Discover its exquisite dishes made with fresh local and Km0 products. New textures and techniques thought up so you can enjoy local gastronomy like you never have before.

A gastronomic space where you can enjoy taste experiences with ingredients like mushrooms, truffles and meat, cooking shows and authentic gastronomic experiences that will amaze you with their regional and rustic flavour.

Let your senses seduce you and sample the authentic cuisine of Morella with a special touch added by the chefs of the Cardenal Ram restaurant.

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Restaurante Cardenal Ram

Open location

Costera de la Suner, 1, 12300 Morella, Castellón, Castellón

+34 964 16 00 46