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Althaia Artesana


Althaia Artesana is a small craft beer brewery in the town of Altea. Producing these types of beers is very common in northern Europe and other parts of the world, but it's a very new development in our region. We're making this drink our own and bringing our Mediterranean touch to everything we do.

We offer visitors the chance to see the world of craft beer brewing for themselves. Come and discover how beer is made from when the grain is milled right through to when it's ready to drink. We explain the difference between our beer and industrial beers and we talk about some of the different varieties you might come across.

We give a personal service to everyone who wants to come and visit us and we'll accompany you throughout the brewery tour to explain each part of the process.

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Althaia Artesana

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+34 965 84 06 05

Plaza dels Furs, 1, 03590 Altea (Alicante)