Art Rustic


When you go inside an Art Rustic house, you're going to experience a work of art. Houses with restored thick stone walls with olive, juniper and pine wood in ceilings, stairs and furniture.

The accommodation is in the villages of Anroig, Xert (Castellón), in a tourist part of Castellón, between Peñíscola and Morella, only 1 hour and 30 minutes from Valencia or Tarragona, 2 hours from Zaragoza and just 20 minutes from the beaches.

The surrounding area has a fantastic Mediterranean climate with mild winters (it never snows) and cool summer nights.

A range of different agrotourism services and activities are on offer at the houses:

- "Sabores de Castellón” (Flavours of Castellón) and "Afrodisíaca” (Aphrodisiac) breakfasts and dinners delivered to your door.

- Star gazing.

- “Rustic Chef” kitchen workshop for children.

- Paella workshop for adults.

- Guided wild mushroom picking walk (in September-October).

- Wine tasting at a local craft winery.

- Visit to a sheep farm dairy to learn how to make cheese.

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Art Rustic

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687 472 516

Calle Anroig, 28, 12370 Enroig, Castellón