Casa Carmen



Casa Carmen

Vall de Gallinera

Casa Carmen is a premises selling a selection of top quality Valencian products, mostly from the Marina Alta region: cherries, liqueurs, wines, oils, sausages, etc.

Have you tried cherry beer or liqueur?

La Foradà is a craft beer produced from fermenting ripe cherries, which are also the basis for "Cirereta" liqueur. Both products are made using cherries from the Vall de Gallinera area.

You can buy them at Casa Carmen and you'll also find other traditional local products such as honey, jam, sausages and even a Valencian cola drink called "La Malferida", made entirely with natural ingredients and sugar free.

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Telephone: +34 966 40 65 56

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Purissima, 2, Patró (Vall de Galinera), Alicante