Casa Sastre Segui

Vall de Gallinera

Have a unique experience staying in an authentic rural house with more than 200 years of history. Casa Sastre Segui rural house once belonged to a farming family living in Alpatró (Vall de la Gallinera, in the north of the province of Alicante) who were forced to fortify their large home as it was being constantly plundered by the outlaws living deep in the Alicante mountains. Now it is a unique house and museum where you can relax, rest and walk along the local hiking trails, take bike rides or practise ecotourism in its purest form by enjoying the area's most traditional gastronomy.

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Sastre Segui




Casa Sastre Segui

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+34 696 226 690

Calle Mayor, 10 - Alpatró (Vall de Gallinera), 03787 Alicante