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Cooperativa La Alcublana


What you think and feel depends on what you eat and drink.

In the Alcublas cooperative we believe that everything we think and feel depends directly on what we eat and what we drink, and that both our health and energy come from everything we “put into our mouth”. This is main reason why we have been harvesting the best possible fruit since 1954, so you can enjoy food that's full of flavour and healthy too.

Energy you can get from our exquisite extra virgin olive oil, in either its smooth or intense version, so you can choose the one you prefer or need at any time. Or from our young wine, red or white, so you can select the one that is the best match for your gastronomic occasion.

Come and visit us during our shop opening hours and try our oil, wine and Mistela sweet wine. Contact us to arrange an individual or group tasting.

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La Alcublana

Cooperativa La Alcublana

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96 270 40 08 

Calle de San Antonio, 33 - 46172 Alcublas (Valencia)