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La Sària Turisme


We're the usual people, the ones who like taking people round our villages and towns because we think that exploring these places is an antidote to stress and bad moods.

We're also professionals you can trust because we're official guides and we have all the insurance and liability certificates. Plus, we can guide you in English, French and German. We'll show you whenever you like!

We're innovative, cheerful and we pay attention to detail on our tours because we want them to leave you speechless. We want those mountains, seas, towns and vegetable gardens to steal your heart and open doors through which you'll always feel welcome.

We're sustainable and inclusive. Sustainable because we show you our heritage so you'll fall in love with it and help us look after it, and inclusive because we put our heart and soul into making sure lots of people can enjoy this paradise with no barriers.

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La Sària Turisme


La Sària Turisme

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+34 635 120 029

Strasse Bodolz, 3, 12560 Benicàssim, Castelló