Molí de l'Oli Cervera del Maestre


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Molí de l'Oli Cervera del Maestre

Cervera del Maestre

Listed as a Historic-Artistic Monument since 1983 and declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 2007. The building was completely restored in 1986. The site is an industrial complex that was used up until the 1920s to make olive oil.

Walking round, you can still follow all the stages in the oil production process: terraces for drying the olives, the crushing and milling room, the olive press room and the room where the prized liquid was stored in earthenware jars. The Sala de les Premses (the olive press room) contains an original basic item for obtaining olive oil, a 17th century wooden olive oil press measuring more than 12 metres in length and weighing 4,000 kilos. The press was able to exert a pressure of close to 15,000 kilos.

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Moli de l'oli

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Carretera Cálig, 12588 - Cervera del Maestre, Castellón

Molí de l'Oli Cervera del Maestre

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