Planta i Cull


Alquería Planta i Cull is a workshop school / museum house in the market gardens around Alboraya and was set up to respond to interest about vegetable growing, organic farming and the rural lifestyle. By providing "Agro-Education" we aim to teach people about this way of life, especially children at pre-school and primary level.

The workshop school is based on the ground floor of a farmhouse in a large room where workshops are held, plus there are two rooms on the second floor (originally used as a space for drying tobacco, tiger nuts and so on) which house the museum displays.

Outside there is a completely enclosed play area and the vegetable plots host day trips, events and family visits.

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Planta i cull


Planta i Cull

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+34 686 16 66 58 / 659 56 33 03

Partida de Saboya, 48, 46120 - Alboraya, Valencia