Quesería Tot de Poble

Les Coves de Vinromà

Our family business is run by us, Óscar and Mayte, we're a couple from a little village in Castellón called Les Coves de Vinromà.

After some time learning with the best artisans, we embarked on this adventure four years ago and put our energy into working hard to develop our cheese shop, getting results that even we've been surprised by.

Two-month semi-matured cheese, six-month matured cheese, plus a vintage nine-month matured cheese, five-month cheese made with raw milk, a cheese with aromatic herbs and a blue cheese with its own distinctive character.

We'll be delighted to introduce you to our cheeses, yoghurts and curds, so you can try them and check out their uniqueness for yourself.

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Tot de Poble

Quesería Tot de Poble

Open location
+34 636 671 654 / 616 076 752

Masía Torre Ebrí, km. 2 (CV-129) - 12185 - Les Coves de Vinromà (Castellón)