Quesos de Catí


Discover our traditionally-made artisan cheese from Maestrazgo. Recipes of yesteryear and new contributions, with varieties where flavour comes first (goat’s cheese, sheep’s cheese, organic and other artisan products) that keep alive the tradition and culture of artisan cheesemaking. Savour our naturally-matured cheeses thanks to the characteristics of a climate and a country of great environmental value.

The best way to learn about our cheesemaking process and to sample our products is to visit the store. We offer you the chance to take a guided tour and discover our facilities and thereby see how our cheeses are made.

Come and see Quesos de Catí and you’ll enjoy a distinctive experience. 

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Quesos de Catí

Open location
+34 964 40 90 92

Calle Hospital S/N 

Calle H, 5, 12513 Catí, Castellón (polígono industrial).