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Antonio López, a hotelier by profession, opened the doors of CamiVell in 1984. It started business 34 years ago as a sandwich bar, which gradually grew to become a landmark where traditional produce and gastronomy were guiding principles.

Toni and Iván López, Antonio López's sons, helped out from a very early age at Tasca CamiVell and developed a love for cooking. Both of them, motivated by what their father taught them, decided to study cooking and once they completed their studies, went to work in prestigious restaurants.

After acquiring more experience, both brothers returned to Alzira to continue working in the kitchen of CamiVell. Toni and Iván's work led to a change of vision and the bar was rehabilitated to create what is now CamiVell Restaurant: a place where the customer feels right at home, where you can admire the typical local decor, with ceramics and hand-painted ceilings with traditional designs and an open kitchen, where customers can see how the dishes are prepared at CamiVell.

CamiVell offers cookery and hospitality courses at any private or public centre, and to companies and private individuals. The courses are offered to professionals and to those who like to cook in their free time.

If you're thinking of organising an enjoyable and fun day for your employees, clients or suppliers, we offer team-building activities for companies. The different experiences on offer for companies include: specialised cookery courses, gastronomic workshops, cooking shows, networking activities.

Also, if you want to spend an unforgettable day learning how to cook with friends and family, get in touch and we'll do everything we can to ensure that you enjoy a wonderful experience while learning to cook healthy food.

We do courses on any subject related to gastronomy: tapas, rice dishes, traditional cooking, and we can adapt to whatever needs you might have.

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CamiVell Restaurant

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