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We are specialists in birdwatching tourism in the “Southern Alicante Wetlands” (El Hondo, Salinas and La Mata Nature Reserves plus other wetland areas). We can also help you explore the lands around the ancient Albufera lagoon once crossed by Phoenician boats, a farming landscape with its origins in the Roman and Arab grid system, a palm grove and a unique irrigation heritage still in operation, all recognised by UNESCO.

As an active tourism and complementary tourism provider we have tours packed with a wealth of flavours and aromas, depending on the time of year. Trails and activities on land, in water and in hot air balloon to get you moving, as well as enjoying rest and relaxation with our top locally sourced produce, wines and traditional spirits.

We offer nature tourism combining the natural features of the surrounding area (Nature Reserves) together with sports (biking tours, hiking, hot air balloon flights, carriage drives, etc.) and cultural activities (visits to museums, monuments, gastronomic tours with tastings in olive oil presses and wineries, agrotourism trips plus palm and straw weaving workshops).

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