Casa Orxata



Casa Orxata


The most veteran catering establishment in Mercat de Colón opened more than 10 years ago when the market was first inaugurated. They serve healthy natural tiger nut milk (horchata with less sugar), 100% plant-based with designation of origin tiger nuts (chufa) grown in the fields around Valencia. They also sell sponge cake (coca de llanda) and other cakes made in-house using certified organic ingredients. Enjoy ecological ice cream (gluten and dairy free), the best winter drinking chocolate or smoothies using juices from the fields (sucs de l'horta). Exclusive to Casa Orxata!

You can hire a bicycle driven ice cream cart for an original touch at celebrations and parties, horchata and sponge fingers (fartons) by bike!

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Telephone: +34 963 527 307

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Mercado de Colón, Calle Jorge Juan s/n - 46004 València

Casa Orxata

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