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Finca Bardomus


The BARDOMUS estate was acquired in 1989 by the Barchi Casali family, who were attracted by its distinctive landscape and location. It sits on gentle south-facing rolling hills, looking straight towards the Mediterranean Sea and flanked by the Sierra de Irta and Prat de Cabanes Nature Reserves, between the towns of Alcalà de Xivert and Torreblanca (Castellón-Spain). This means it enjoys an exceptional micro-climate, giving our olive oil unique organoleptic qualities, thanks to the mild temperatures and gentle breezes that protect us from frost and damp conditions.

The 61 hectare farm is worked by just two people. In 2007 it changed over completely from growing citrus fruit to growing olives. Nowadays we grow 3 olive varieties: native varieties Borriolenca and Canetera and the much-appreciated and popular Arbequina variety.

The distinctive characteristic of our estate mean that the olives ripen very early and in mid-October we're already working. We carry out an early harvest to ensure all the attributes of our oil are enhanced.

As small growers we want to emphasise our full and completely exclusive dedication to the entire process, which is something we're very proud of.

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Finca Bardomus

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Farmer Bardomus, 12570 Alcalà de Xivert, Castellón

Apartado de correos 91 - 12596 Torreblanca, Castellón