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Are you ready to have a first-hand experience of fishing tourism in València? We'll tell you what's involved...

The fishing tourism experience in Valencia allows you to go out to sea on board accompanying vessels (fully fitted sailing yachts) and follow the fishing boats. You'll spend the day watching artisan fishermen as you sail through traditional fishing grounds off the coast of València.

You'll learn to value our marine environment and how to look after and respect the sea as it deserves. During your trip, our fishermen and guides will show you how to recognise different Mediterranean marine species, including the huge range of birds living on our coastlines. You'll also get a close-up view of the environmental work being done by our fishermen every day, as they collect vast quantities of marine rubbish in their big nets.

You'll be able to watch the fishermen's craft in action, see the day's catch and take photos and videos. Plus, more importantly, you won't need to get dirty as you sail alongside the fishing vessel in the support boat, with a comforting lunch on board and assisted at all times by the guide and the skipper.

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