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Badum is a craft brewery in Peñíscola, near the Natural Park of the Sierra de Irta. We make beer the traditional way, we do not filter or pasteurise and we respect the fermentation and settling times of our beers.

Here at Badum we use only natural products, so the only things you'll find in our beers are water, malt, hops and yeast. Nothing else. To make our product, we combine the latest technology with respect for traditional brewing methods and processes. The used grain is sent off to feed local cattle while the hops are used as natural compost. We produced 90,000 litres in 2019.

Our master brewers constantly investigate, innovate, test and discuss new recipes to find the perfect balance of ingredients and brewing styles. We also care about what our customers think. We love the idea of developing a beer culture, and did so even before we started making our beers.

From the beginning we always wanted everyone to know how authentic craft beer is made, and that's why we'd like to invite you to our brewery. Cerveza Badum organises visits to the brewery that include tasting sessions, surrounded by the countryside of Peñíscola and the Natural Park of Sierra de Irta.

The visit consists of a tour around the facilities of Cerveza Badum, where we describe the ingredients we use and the beer production process. We also reveal the origins of the brewery, and end with a tasting session that gives you the chance to have fun while learning more about our world.

The visits are designed for groups of between 10 and 45 people. You can sign up with a pre-organised group, or form part of a mixed one. The visits last about 2 hours and happen every Saturday.

The tasting session at the end of the visit is a chance for you to sample 5 different products. There's also a bar and shop at the brewery entrance that you can go to before and after the visit.

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Cervezas Badum

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