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We can offer a unique experience with a guided visit to our oil press, explaining to the visitors how we extract the prized juice of our olives, from the fields to the table, and a lesson in history as we explain how the earliest oil presses worked and how the production process has changed up to the present day.

As part of this themed visit “from the fields to the plate” they will be accompanied by a grower/press operator on a previously agreed guided route that will take advantage of all our local resources.

Most of our olive trees are over a hundred years old, and some of them are over a thousand, their long heritage expressed in their intricate structures.

Curious travellers look for the singular and exclusive, and they will find much to enjoy in this expansive visit to the world of olives and olive oil. They are unique experiences that serve to extend the culture of olives and their oil.

Tastings, demonstrations, pairing and gastronomy, besides offering a special gourmet experience, enable visitors to sample the wide range of single varieties grown by our partners in the cooperative in the comfort of our installations.

City dwellers can be olive growers for a day and soak up the way of life centred on the olives and their oil, allowing visitors to fully appreciate how the growers apply their care and knowledge to their fields day after day.

To close the circle, we offer a guided walk in the places where the history of Cocentaina lives and breathes, showing them the curiosities of the Villa and explaining the difficulties experienced by our partners to obtain each of the varieties that they make. We will show them the terraced fields and explain how the prevalence of small plots that dominate our landscape and our Cooperative have driven our growers to turn these problems into advantages, into new opportunities.

Oli El Comtat

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Av. del País Valencià, 60

03820 Cocentaina (Alicante)