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Señorios de Relleu


In the middle of a mountainous valley at the foot of the Sierra de Aitana, you can find the Masía Teuladí, built in 1918. It was here where Eliseo and Hugo decided to create Señoríos de Relleu. A place with a unique microclimate where gentle Mediterranean breezes combine with the mountain climate to provide one of the best olive oils of the Region of Valencia.

The local varieties of olive trees grow together with fields of almond trees and Mediterranean forests. A beautiful landscape that is home to a family business that from the outset has been committed to researching the properties of olives and now produces an internationally famous Extra-Premium Virgin Olive Oil.

Señoríos de Relleu is a young company that with a firm commitment to tradition, innovation and the transmission of the wisdom and culture of olive oil via oleotourism. A wonderful opportunity to explore a world of sensations and discover the Mediterranean culture of extra virgin olive oil with tasting sessions and talks about agriculture and the Mediterranean diet.

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