La Despensa de Alicante


We supply exclusive handmade, highly prized products with a long-standing tradition in our province and we want to offer you the chance to try them and enjoy their flavour.

Sausages made in small batches (made every day) using premium quality meat, with a painstakingly selected mix of spices, enabling us to obtain original flavours and aromas.

Wines obtained from grapes grown in old non-irrigated vineyards. Limited production but with a higher alcohol content, achieving full-bodied and well-structured wines.

Premium quality extra virgin olive oil. We have full control at all times over the harvesting, cleaning and milling of our olives, obtaining the best organoleptic qualities and storing the oil in stainless steel tanks.

A great selection of premium gins, grape liquor and cream liqueurs, whose origins lie in curiosity and the search for innovation, whilst always respecting the tradition of our ancestors, using 100% natural products.

We also stock a huge range of local Alicante products that we're sure you'll love.

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Despensa de Alicante

La Despensa de Alicante

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+34 605 278 078

C/ Francisco Iñesta, 35 – 03668 Algueña (Alicante)